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Image Description: This hand gesture looks to be someone showing how high something is. Without seeing the background, his face and other nonverbal language, it is hard to know for sure what exactly it is that he is measuring or meaning. Sometimes when a person has their hands out like in the photograph it can mean that they are showing how tall a child is. This motion is also a good way to measure other things like the height of the fence you wish to build, or maybe it's how high you want the television stand or table to be; in the case of many large dog owners, it is simply meant as an encouragement to a playful friend to come over and get petted.

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Tags: surface, hands, palm, limb, fingers, push, kid, children, measurement, height, wrist, ligament, workout, pushing, approximately, size, high, leaning, lean on, support, prop, pet, pat, sports, arm

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