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Image Description: A very common hand gesture meaning stop. When your hand is up with the fingers straight and the palm facing out it is very obvious what the meaning is to stop, no, no access, or no further. A hand being held up like this can also be accompanied by body language and facial expressions, and these would add to the seriousness of the situation. It's not exactly sign language, but there are general hand gestures that will hold up their meaning across borders and languages, and this stop hand signal is definitely one of them. This would be a good hand gesture if you are in an area where you don't know the language and people are getting all up in your personal space!

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Tags: stop, palm, hands, limb, fingers, warning, attention, no entry, enough, no more, access denied, denial, stop hand signal, no access, prohibit, prohibited, prevent, prevention, universal, open palm, hand, hand gesture, gesture, gesticulation, personal, protection

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