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Image Description: This hand signal in the picture can represent a number of different things, but none of them are good. By holding up the little pinky finger and the index finger while using the thumb to hold down the two middle fingers, you are usually trying to ward off bad luck or evil spirits, though the origins of that purpose are unknown. Alternatively, if you are in Italy, this hand movement is commonly considered a curse word hand gesture; you could even be accusing someone of having an unfaithful wife! Once, after an outbreak of cholera, the president of the Italian Republic, a man named Gioanni Leone, made the gesture behind his back while shaking a patient's hand. His back was in full view of many reporters who photographed him doing this, the patients were extraordinarily offended by this action. Besides being considered rude and in bad taste, it seems quite unlikely that waving the fingers in a particular way will have any effect on protection from disease!

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