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Image Description: In a world filled with modern wonders that serve to take the breath away from those on the lookout for beauty, it can be almost surprising to some that such beauty can be found in the simple things offered by nature; perhaps this photograph of a dried up leaf will serve to remind us! Sitting on a blue-tinted, gravelly surface, the leaf is cast half in and half out of focus, with its crisp outer edges giving way to the blur of its interior; the gravel on the surface is given the same treatment. Focusing aside, the leaf stands out for its curling edges, showing the effect of time on a dead leaf whose work in creating food for the plant it once belonged to is over.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: dry, leaf, leaves, nature, autumn, yellow, close-up, season, sadness, depression, shrink, lonely, fall, change, ending, seasons, edge, plant, sustainability, sustainable, natural resources, perish, protection, natural beauty, renewable, resources, colors, fallen, renew, environment

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