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Image Description: A simple showing of the beautiful intricacies of the natural world, this photograph gives us a look at a small, broken branch sitting atop a concrete block. The end of the branch nearest our point of view is gnarly and affected by weather, indicating that it has been broken for some time. As the view recedes, we see that the branch has a “Y” shape, resembling that of a slingshot, though it would be a crooked one if used for that purpose. Besides the unique branch, the contrast between a natural item and a manmade one is interesting in and of itself.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: branch, tree, dry, nature, close-up, wood, forest, category, field, part, leafless, leaves, campfire, limb, resources, natural elements, natural resources, environment, renewable, sustainable, sustainability, Y, urban landscape, perish, autumn, natural, broken, lonely, alone, fall

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