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5 Smart Things You Can Do To Improve Your Chances Of Finding The Best Wedding Photo And Video Service

When you need to hire a wedding photographer and a videographer the one thing you’ll never want to do is simply give in to what your friends and family tell you. Your wedding photo video are two of the most important things and so because of that you do not want to leave it up to chance. Ideally, you’ll want to do all the research required to determine how and where to find the best professional for the job. Thankfully, this job is a lot easier to do if you know exactly what you are looking for. Below we look at a few tips on how to make the job easier.

Shortlist wedding photo and videographers with over five years of experience

Yes this is something you should do right off the bat if you are looking for a professional. A person who has been doing this for over five years would have managed to improve his or her skills, not to mention the fact survive in an ever competitive industry. This type of professional definitely deserves a closer look. The best way to do this is to call up all the professionals in your area and only add those to your shortlist who say they have been in business for over five years.

Know what type of photo and video style you like

The problem with many wedding couples and also the reason why they end up with a photographer and videographer that does not cover their wedding as expected is because they do not know what they like. Many couples have no idea of what the different wedding and photo genres are, because of that they do not know who to consider during the interview process. If you don’t know anything about photography then at least you know what looks good to you. Do a Google image search for wedding photography and select the ones you like, save these to your computer, load them on to your smartphone and take them along with you when interviewing photographers. Then ask the photographer if he or she has experience with this type of photography style and video style.

One person cannot be an expert at both wedding photo and video

You cannot expect to hire one professional who is also a great videographer and a photographer. If you are considering this just because you want to save money then you’re going about this the wrong way. Yes there are businesses that employ both videographers and photographers but then you will have two professionals at your wedding if not more. Never try to search for a videographer who is also a photographer because even if he or she was an expert at both he would not be able to cover every aspect of the wedding both in stills and on video. If you do come across a professional who says that he doubles as either a videographer or still photographer it is better to steer clear of them because they are almost certainly not professionals.

See the photographer’s samples

Always check the samples of the service you are interested in hiring. Usually they should have a couple of albums which you can flip through to get an idea of their quality. Ask to look at both worked and unworked photos. This will give you some sense of how these photos are taken and how professional the service is. As a rule of thumb if you see that the photos have been extensively edited then chances are that the professional relies on post-production editing to correct all of his mistakes which is never a good thing. Post production editing is used to enhance photos in the professional photography industry and rarely fix photos.

See sample wedding videos

Like photographs you need to take a look at both edited and unedited footage by the company. Yes, videos are often heavily edited but you still need to get a feel of how these professionals work. Also, you need to make sure if you are happy with the post production editing of these videos. Some businesses may be reluctant to show clients their work but professional wedding photo video services like Rose2Ring have no problem showing their extensive library of videos and pictures to their clients.


Mark is one of the leading authorities on wedding photo video services. He has been in the business for over a decade and continues to run his own service based in Sydney. His extensive library of videos and photos have been uploaded to his website which clients can easily browse through to get a feel prior to hiring his service.

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