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Effective Visual Marketing Channels

Facebook and Twitter…they are pretty much what come to mind when you think of social marketing, aren’t they? The two most popular platforms around, there are endless resources dedicated to helping you work out strategies for visual marketing on both. People write whole books on the subject.

The problem is that they are also highly saturated, very selective platforms. While highly effective, you would be far better off stretching out to other networks in addition to get a more rounded campaign. Failing to do so will negatively impact your results, especially when there are websites out there better suited to the visual medium.

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Don’t limit yourself. Check out these effective visual marketing channels that can improve your social media results.


Did you know that YouTube has more than 100 hours of video uploaded to its site every minute? More than 1 billion users visit Youtube every month (unique), and 6 billion hours are watched during that month. Those statistics are incredible, but offered by the website itself. There is no denying the popularity of the video sharing site.

Videos are some of the most popular forms of visual media out there. They are especially perfect for those aiming for advertising and traffic bonuses, as their partners program is incredibly popular and profitable.



For those who are looking for a platform more friendly to creative content makers, Vimeo might be more your speed. It isn’t corporate based, nor has it tried to be. Instead, it has aimed to offer a safe, affordable option for filmmakers who need somewhere to share their work.

While their stats might not be as overwhelming as their more successful counterpart, many people choose it for their visual marketing. It just gives more to the little guy, rather than giving preference to the biggest company willing to pay for it.



One of the fastest growing social networks ever, Pinterest was a real innovator. Its unique system of using pin boards and basing things entirely around images has set it apart from anyone else. Though other networks have copied it, it stands apart as the best source for your picture fix.

Not only is this great for attaching images to links, but also infographics (a very popular form of visual marketing today), and videos.


Yes, Google+ is a great place for sharing visual content. Partly because of its ties to other sites, like its additional service YouTube. But also because the profiles are made for a lot of visual customization. It is a good way to brand yourself and your social media page in a way that is immediately recognizable.

You can also integrate Google+ with other features that make it a great place to grow a community in general. Even if the personal use of G+ has always been in question, it is a great platform for business use.



Quickly becoming a staple in the visual media world, Instagram is one of those services that has both personal and public benefits that meld together seamlessly. It doesn’t seem like a business focused site, which is actually a plus for those who use it for marketing. The images that come from there end up seeming more spontaneous and natural, and there is a touch of trendiness that makes it connect especially well with a younger audience.

It is also community focused. So you can connect with others through visual engagement, a unique feature in a social network.



A newer platform making the rounds, we are beginning to see more and more Vine compilations showing up around the web. From the creators of Twitter, it is about being succinct. Where a tweet is 140 characters or less, a Vine clip is 6 seconds or less. You can then link them up into something longer, and these have become a viral hit.


There is no doubt that visual marketing is a necessity for a well rounded and complete campaign. Social media is the platform that allows you to make the most of it. The platforms above offer plenty of options for you to choose from, and many chances to see the benefits of that work.

Do you have an effective visual marketing channel you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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