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White chrysanthemums - Free image for blogs

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Image Description: If you don't have a right reservoir to put flowers in water everything will do for that purpose even a teakettle. Bright and vibrant, chrysanthemums are beautiful to look at, and this photograph does a fantastic job of highlighting all of the reasons why that is the case. With the photo taken from above, we’re able to see the flowers and their bright yellow centers pointing upwards, with the dark green of leaves contrasting with the general purity and delicateness of the flowers above. Though it’s hard to tell at a glance, we can see a spout and handle peeking out from either side of the flowery display, giving away the host of the of the bouquet as a small white teapot.

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Tags: chrysanthemum, golden daisy, crown daisy, marguerite, flowers, flower bowl, vase, teapot, kettle, autumn, nature, flora, diy, decoration, herbal tea, herbal, herbs, natural remedies, natural remedy, alternative medicine, folk medicine, decor, home improvement, interior design, still life

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