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Two hands in a form of cup - Royalty free photo

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Image Description: In this picture male hands are drawn together as if he is going to gather some water. Right hand is under the left one to spill as little water as possible. This is probably the only way to gather water without any other vessels and bottles. Nowadays this gesture is not used as often as it was many years ago when there was no piped water supply and still it is considered the best vessel quickly formed for gathering water. Besides, it is very much convenient when you are going to wash your face because pouring water over your face without rubbing it with hands will not make your face perfectly clean.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: water, drink, beverage, gather, wash, washing, current, flow, stream, flush, handful, cupped hands, fistful, hands, fingers, palms, gesture, aqua, liquid, liquor, fluid

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