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Image Description: The shadows in this picture almost cut the crosswalk in half. The photographer managed to capture a difficult photo at a time of day when you do not have many chances to get the right shot, with the angle of the Sun’s light stretching out and surrounding building to form a great accidental shadow play on the crosswalk. The road is made of cobblestone, which was very common during early road construction; roads that were fortunate enough to be made with cobblestone and sand are also permeable, helping them to survive longer, and more intact. Cobblestone is a generic geological term that refers to any stone between the sizes of 2.5 - 10 inches and can be extremely loud when trampled by horse hooves and carriage wheels; at one time, straw would have been laid outside a sick person's house to muffle the noise.

Image category: Traveling (Hotels, Volunteering abroad, Medical Tourism, etc)

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