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Morning street - Free downloadable image

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Image Description: A pretty picture of the long morning shadows, representing a nice time to be out for a quiet walk, allowing you to appreciate the calmness of the early morning and the twinkle of the young Sun dancing in and out of the tree leaves. As the Sun comes up, the shadows get shorter, the day gets louder, and that morning serenity is lost. This memorable photograph also reminds us of the importance of getting an early start in the morning; studies have long shown that early risers are generally more productive people - the early bird does get the worm, after all!

Image category: Traveling (Hotels, Volunteering abroad, Medical Tourism, etc)

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Tags: morning, street, block-stone, city, cityscape, fresh, shadows, alone, calmness, travel, wander, wanderlust, explore, walking, traveling, empty street, early, parking, exploring, tourist, local, quiet, sunny, leaves, serenity, travel ideas, map, lost, unknown, empty

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