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Buzz Lightyear Toy

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Image Description: Buzz Lightyear is the boisterous space ranger hero in the Toy Story series. Along with Woody, he is the co-leader of Andy's room. Buzz first believes he is a real but, after seeing a commercial at Sid's house, he realizes that he is in fact just a toy. Buzz Lightyear's name was appropriately inspired after the Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin; the second person to walk on the moon. In the movies, his voice is read by Tim Allen and his catchphrase “to infinity...and beyond!” has been repeated millions of times, helping him to become rated as one of the top ten Pixar characters of all time. The creator of Buzz Lightyear, John Lasseter, said he wanted to create a G.I. Joe type action figure, and his design influence was the Apollo astronauts with their clear helmets, white suits, and communication gadgets.

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