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How To Add More Visual Content To Your Brand

Visual content is no longer a tool, it is a necessity. Brands that want to have an active presence online, and to keep the attention of the ones viewing their content, have to have a visual angle. When you start getting into the idea of marketing, especially on the social web, that becomes even more crucial.

Yet a shocking number of brands are failing to properly utilize visual media.

Adding this into your strategy is much more simple than you might be fearing. Here are a handful of tips that will let you easily bulk up your visual content without having to rewrite your entire game plan.

Try To Show, Not Tell

Google finance

If you find yourself posting something that is easily explained visually, without the words, then take advantage of it. Sometimes an image is much more telling than a description can be, and it catches the attention of the viewer.

The more you can show-not-tell, the more effective the content is going to be. That means utilizing graphs, charts, and other forms of physical data representation.

Ask For User Contributed Visuals


A blog I frequent has an incredibly popular segment every other week where they ask readers to send in photos of themselves and their family to show off the beauty of each individual. Corny? Maybe, but it is effective, and regularly engages readers and helps bring them back. All while using content that the owner of the blog doesn’t have to provide, which is a great benefit. Have contribution posts, hold contests or just ask for visual content shares on social media sites.

Build Brand Recognizability

Make sure every image you use follows a recognizable style. Consider using brand-drivem color pallets and fonts. It is not a bad idea to put your brand name on your images somewhere to remind your followers of who you are!

Be Personable In Your Visuals

Be Personable

Every brand should have something showing who is working for it. When you go to a startup you will often see a page showing who created it, and who is a part of the project. This will include a picture of each. This is a great strategy that is ignored by so many brands, to their detriment.

Having a personal touch like that can make your brand appear more human, and really put people at ease. It can also help foster brand loyalty.

Make Images Personal and Unique

(Even if you are using stock photography)


Personalize any photos you are using and try to add context whenever possible. This helps you stand out and also increases your chances to go viral! Here are a few good tools to do that!

***Feel free to use our collection: All our images are available for customization but we would love you even more if you credit us as a source 🙂

Vary Your Media

Pictures are good, but other media is better. You should be using many types of visual content, from videos to comics. One of the most effective means of visualizing a concept right now is the infographic. Not only do they present a lot of data in an easy to understand and remember way, but they are a hot item on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, where visuals really count.

This doesn’t mean you have to produce that much more content. Try recycling what you already have in new ways, like the infographic angle, a video where it is read out and visuals help explain each point, or even just a simple slideshow on your site. It makes a lot of difference to widen the ways people can experience your content.


As you can see, visual content is not difficult to increase. It is often just a matter of adding it into what you are already doing. You have no excuse, but you do have a lot to lose if you don’t get on the bandwagon and start using every form of visual content possible.

Have any ideas to add to the list above? Let us know in the comments.

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