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Image Description: It may not compare to the Amazon, Mississippi, or Nile, but this river is admirably wide and strong running in its own right! This photograph gives us a look straight down the river’s path, taken from just above - probably from a bridge, or while the photographer was atop a tall boat. The foreground reveals a series of white-capped rapids before the waters become calm up ahead, reaching outwards as the river widens, then narrows again. Despite its movement, the water is still able to sustain what looks like a patch of green algae ahead in the distance; alternatively, the green could result from underwater plants that are rooted in the wet soil beneath the water’s surface, reaching their leaves in their quest for sunlight.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: river, float, river bank, flow, speed, forest, wood, tree, spring, sunny day, blue, blue sky, nature, landscape, flowing, fast, thresholds, green, trees, scenic, scene, natural, open, powerful, algae, leaves, sunlight, movement, wide, strong, running, path, bridge, boat, swim, fishing, rapids

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