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Image Description: These soft white flowers, sitting above prickly leaves, are in full bloom, giving anyone who passes by a taste of the beauty of the spring season. With delicate petals that grow in the shape of hearts, and a protruding center that beckons pollinating insects to come in for a landing and a closer look, each flower is stunning, and only promises to become more beautiful as the season progress. Beneath the flowers that have bloomed, we can still see several unfurled buds, indicating that summer has not yet arrived, but soon the plant will be covered in new blooms, perhaps offering up yet another photo opportunity!

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: lawn, meadow, glade, forest, wood, nature, picturesque, flora, flowerbed, gardening, yard, green, tender, delicate, bloom, blooming, blossom, girlish, summer, spring, season, garden, garden house, natural beauty, soft, blooms, trees, pollinating, beauty, youth, young, white, leaves

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