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Image Description: This photograph offers an interesting contrast between the cold lifelessness of stone, and the green vibrance of plant life, with foliage working its way to the very edge of this cliff in search of water and nutrients. The white stone indicates that the material may hold gypsum, limestone, or some other mineral-rich substance, potentially making it a more than suitable home for plant life. The precipice itself looks as if it may be manmade, perhaps the result of deliberately planted explosive intended to widen a highway or construct a building. Whatever its origin, the result is a cliff that looks to be about 10 feet tall - certainly a distance great enough to cause anyone at its top to be extra careful with their footing.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: precipice, cliff, rock, landscape, sunny day, sky, hike, hiking, blue, nature, wood, forest, risk, risky, travel, adventure, lonely

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