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Mountainous landscape - Royalty free image

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Image Description: While animals, people, and strange objects all make for wonderful pictures, sometimes the most beautiful come from simple landscapes, and this photograph shows us exactly why. The bottom right corner gives us the only hint of shrubbery on the same level as the photographer, with everything else ranging in distance from the puffy white clouds above, to the rolling green foothills below. Further in the background, past those foothills, lies a low mountain ridge, presumably part of a much greater chain of peaks and valleys that extends further than this camera lens was able to capture, allowing us to use our imagination to fill in the gaps of this magnificent landscape.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: landscape, mountain, mountains, mountainous, valley, ravine, sunny day, clouds, wood, forest, trekking, wander, wanderlust, camping, ecosystem, freedom, wild, forests, windows, open space, sky, endless, spaciousness, breathing, freely, background, ridge, chain, peaks, nature, imagination, fly, green

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