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Image Description: This is a building with a mannequin dressed like a man and sticking out of the window of its first floor. The mannequin is holding a machine gun with his hands. This is a joke, of course. Each joke has certain reasons and purposes. The jokes of this kind are rather oriented on rendering a certain idea. Probably the author of the joke would like to make people stop and think about their life once again. Just begin enjoying their life in a new way. You know, they say that you understand the real cost of your life only when you are at edge.

Image category: Entertainment (Fun, Humor, Gaming, Offbeat, Arts)

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Tags: joke, fun, humor, entertainment, doll, window, gun, submachine weapon, camouflage, military, pizza, bar, cafe, old street, italian, food, machine gun, fake, toy, prank, spoof, monkeyshines, pizza parlour

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