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Image Description: In this photo a big black table stuck to a tree is depicted. At first sight you can tell that this table is a kind of directory of what should and what should not be done in this particular area. The close-up of the table makes it possible to see the bigger upper table part. The two white frames with crossed circles inside of them offer the message in the more comprehendible manner than the words could do. There are simple words under the squares calling people to keep from taking alcohol and bringing glass along to this area. However, someone erased one word changing the meaning of the calling a lot. In the bottom of the pic there is a big square with a notification which hours are meant to be the park hours here.

Image category: Entertainment (Fun, Humor, Gaming, Offbeat, Arts)

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Tags: central park, garden, joke, fun, humor, entertainment, alcohol, beer, cocktail, bottle, glass, time, sign, forbidding, restriction, rule, law, limitation, drink, beverage

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