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Falcon sitting on a balk - Free image download

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Image Description: This falcon has chosen a particularly picturesque clearing to take a break in, potentially scouting for woodland food as it gives its wings a rest. The bird’s eyes are clearly focused on something behind the photographer, but our attention is left to take in the rugged landscape that it resides in, made up of long-dead logs and ancient rocks. The clearing itself is flanked by stone, but there is copious greenery to be found in the background, suggesting a deep forest for the falcon to soar over when he does decide that it’s time to take flight, giving the bird an even more fantastic view of his surroundings than this picture can offer to us.

Image category: Animals (pets, small pets, animals, wild animals, birds etc)

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Tags: falcon, balk, predator, wild, wildlife, bird, raptor, beast, wood, forest, nature, hawk, hunter

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