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Image Description: A brown bear who looks like he is about to say something, or maybe blow a kiss! His face might be cute, but you’d better watch out: bears have five non-retractable claws and they are not afraid to use them. There are eight different species of bears and they are of the family Ursidae. That may not seem like many bears, but they are spread out all over the northern and southern hemispheres, found in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Bears usually live a solitary life, with the exception of mothers and cubs. Of the eight species of bears, one of those is carnivorous (the polar bear), one eats mainly bamboo (the panda bear), and the rest are omnivorous with a varied diet of meat and greenery.

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Tags: wild, wildlife, bear, nature, nose, face, lips, kiss, friend, cute, pretty, carnivore, predator, portrait, fang, zoo, creature, bears lair, squat, beast, camping, danger, dangerous, harm, risk, forest, wood, insomniac, russia, canada, vodka, north

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