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Image Description: A photograph of an adjustable wrench with a blue handle - a very convenient tool used to provide a grip on different sizes of fastener heads, and an advantage in applying torque to turn nuts, bolts, and fasteners – or keep them from turning. With a so-called screw wrench, one side is adjustable by turning a screw, allowing it to fit a variety of sizes of head. When using an adjustable wrench, care should be taken to be sure the movable jaw is fitted snugly around the bolt or nut head to avoid damage, typically called rounding – when rounding occurs, it makes it very difficult to keep a grip on the fastener’s head. High quality wrenches are typically chrome plated chromium vanadium alloy steels, allowing them to resist corrosion and making for easy cleaning.

Image category: Home Improvement (Architecture, construction, interior design, plumbing, etc)

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