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Image Description: This photograph will have the tastebuds of sushi lovers everywhere salivating, with an entire meal of the Japanese favorite set out alongside a glass of wine, a pot of tea, and a bowl of dipping sauce. The scene is set in a restaurant - there are many thousands of sushi-themed eateries located around the world - as indicated by the small table, adjacent chairs, and the menu that sits off to the right of the frame. Whomever finds themselves lucky enough to be seated at this particular table will be able to enjoy their sushi and wine, before settling in for a relaxing cup of tea to wash it all down.

Image category: Food (Recipes, Vegan, Traditional, Regional, Restaurants)

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Tags: japanese, cuisine, dish, food, eating out, nutrition, intake, consumption, rolls, sushi, sashimi, soy sauce, restaurant, wasabi, ginger, date, dinner, wine, raw food, sushi rice, sushi-meshi, shari, raw fish, raw meat, calories, dieting, temaki, sushi cuisine, Japanese food, proteins, seafood, fermented, vinegared, sour-tasting

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