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Image Description: This is the plain illustration of an iPhone, the product of the leading Apple incorporation. On the white colored body of the iPhone there is the specific bitten apple of gray color. The word СiPhoneТ is on its right side placed perpendicularly. The general background is of dark creme color. The picture is not very bright but the fact of depicting such a desirable product as the iPhone of Apple Incorporation is likely to make most people feel mouthwatering. Nowadays it is so hard to imagine this life without such gadgets as the iPhones of the late generation and compact laptops that each time that you hear of new workouts in the great digital world you get ready for the miracle to happen.

Image category: Technology (Gadgets, Internet, Internet Hosting, eCommerce)

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Tags: iPhone, apple, corporation, telephone, phone, device, gadget, technology, communication, connection, conversation, brand, logotype

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