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Image Description: Providers of milk and cheese, not to mention good friends and pets, goats are a species well-known to humanity in one way or another. In ancient times, goats often served in important roles, whether by providing sustenance or fertilizer, and their millennia of loyal service hasn’t been forgotten since. This goat, in particular, looks as if he is kept by humans, with the collar around his neck evidence for his domestication. He may help to pull farming implements, or simply live on the surrounding fields, gnawing away at the grass and making its distinctive call; either way, you can be sure that its relationship with people is a positive one.

Image category: Animals (pets, small pets, animals, wild animals, birds etc)

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Tags: goat, pet, animal, animals, cattle, livestock, farm, milk, black, domestic animal, creature, green, smile, cheese, bright, summer, country, dumd, farm animals, fool, happy, ranch, vegetarian, grass, domestic, farming, friendly, field, sunny, wink, mock, collar, horns

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