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Fried potatoes at McDonald's

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Image Description: A picture of a large McDonald's french fries, often called chips, depending where in the world you are. A large (6.2oz) fries at McDonaldТs has 540 calories, 26 grams of fat (40% of your recommended daily intake!), 350mg of sodium, and 8 grams of protein. At the time of its inception, McDonald's peeled and cut russet potatoes into shoestrings by hand each morning, but, as the restaurant chain exploded, they began to switch over to frozen fries in 1966. Their french fries now come from giant manufacturing plants that can skin, slice, cook, and freeze two million pounds of spuds each day, making McDonald's the biggest buyer of potatoes in the United States! Before 1990, the taste of the fries was determined by the cooking oil Ц which was 93% beef tallow and 7% cottonseed oil. This oil combo gave the fries their great taste and more saturated beef fat than the hamburger. In 1990, after much complaining about the cholesterol levels of their fries, McDonald's switched to exclusively using vegetable oil. Their 'n

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