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Yoda Toy (Star Wars Toys)

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Image Description: A stuffed Yoda toy from the Star Wars series is a lesson in the power of popular culture. Yoda was selected by Empire magazine in 2007 as the 25th greatest movie character of all time. Yoda's home world and race are unknown, and his aura of mystery is born of the fact that many of his life details are unknown. In the original series of films, such as Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda trains Luke Skywalker to fight in the Galactic Wars, and in later movies he serves as Grand Master of the Jedi Council, before becoming a general in the Clone Wars. Yoda's voice has always been done by Frank Oz, and his face was designed by renowned makeup artist Stuart Freeborn; he based Yoda's face in part on his own and in part on that of Albert Einstein!

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