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Image Description: In the picture a part of wool with a tag of a popular brand is depicted. The brand name is barely seen. And still one can tell that it is the word СItalianaТ. The brand name implies that the wool has been produced in Italy. The close-up has been made by a camera with perfect resolution. This fact makes it possible to see the wool as if you were holding it in your own hands. In order to make the picture with the fewest elements more spectacular its edges are blurred. Blurring the right lower and left upper edges of a photograph makes it look a little bit mysterious and much different from ordinary.

Image category: Lifestyle (Fashion, Shopping, Hobbies)

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Tags: wool, knit, cloth, clothes, crochet, knitting, handicraft, dress, gray, goods, fashion, shopping, wear, warm, textile, yarn, thread, stitching, seam, joint, woven, material, sewing, hobby, soft, warming up

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