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Image Description: In this picture a wool product with a label is depicted. In fact, the accent is made on the label. It becomes clear when you pay attention to the manner in which the picture is made. All that you can say about the clothes is that it is made of wool. You cannot see if it is a dress or trousers, or sweater. Just the color and type of the material can be identified. It means that the label and information reported in it is the main thing. The piece of land in the form of a female high boot on heels depicted implies the country of fabrication. And the word СItalianaТ adds the final detail that everyone could guess that an Italian factory is the manufacturer of the product.

Image category: Lifestyle (Fashion, Shopping, Hobbies)

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Tags: Italy, peninsula, shopping, label, goods, item, clothes, cloth, wool, gray, dress, manufacture, production, fashion, wear, boots, europe, island, economics, commerce, ticket, price, knitting, mark, trade

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