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Image Description: Both loved and hated, depending on your perspective, seagulls are graceful masters of the fresh sea air, dominating the sky just about anywhere that salt water can be found. This small gull, probably only a month or two old, looks to be taking to flight almost awkwardly, tilting slightly as it forces its wings outward in order to ride the air currents. The bird’s gracefulness aside, this photograph stands out especially for the beautiful clouds that make up its backdrop, with an otherwise clear blue sky allowing the Sun’s rays to sneak through the wisps of dust to fantastic effect.

Image category: Animals (pets, small pets, animals, wild animals, birds etc)

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Tags: sea-gull, flight, bird, nature, wildlife, wings, sky, clouds, sunny day, sea shore, ocean, citizen, seagull, tweet, height, air, freedom, port, harbor, bunder, dock, seaport

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