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Image Description: A nice photograph of a so-called “shades of gray” pigeon, also called rock doves, or, more commonly, rock pigeons. These rock pigeons are usually a pale gray with two distinctive black stripes on their wings, but some domestic pigeons have a variety of colors and patterns. Between the males and females, there are not many visible differences, although the females have less intense iridescence on their necks. Both parents care equally for their young and usually breed on cliffs and rocks. Rock pigeons like to live in a semi-open and open environments, and have become very established in cities. There are an estimated 17 to 28 million wild and feral pigeons in Europe alone!

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Tags: pigeons, dove, bird, fly, flight, wings, citizen, nature, gray, sky, old, central park, birds, home, clan, heritage, family matters, totem, carrier , messages, homing instinct, family concerns, love of home, early years, rock pigeons, urban wildlife, city nature, grey, animal protection, portly, shabby, species , forage, monogomous

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