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Image Description: A delicate flower famed for its beauty and popular as a gift in the name of love and caring, this orchid is a white-petaled delight! The close up nature of this photograph shows just how fragile the flower’s growth is, with slight lines and wrinkles clearly visible in its thin, furry petals. The pollen-producing center of the flower is also beautiful, with a shapely yellow form neatly speckled with black spots. Topping off this picture is the very interesting background; while it’s impossible to tell what material or scene is in use, the effect is a slightly out of focus checkering of what look like three-dimensional lines.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: orchid, flowers, flower, nature, beauty, beautiful, health, white, pure, perfect, ideal, delicate, gift, love, care, tender, fragile

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