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Image Description: A photograph of an old style Kiev 4 camera. As the name brand suggests, it was manufactured by the Arsenal factory in the city of Kiev in Ukraine; over a million cameras of this style were produced until the mid 1980s. This Soviet-era camera is not a contax clone, but rather it is a real contax camera made with authentic contax parts, equipment, schematics, and by real contax technicians. One of the explanations for the lasting demand of this camera is the price of the lenses that can be used on them; the Arsat MC 1:3.5/30 mm fisheye lens, previously known as the 'Zodiak 8,' in a single-coated version is reputedly quite dandy and typically available for under $250 US. This price is amazing since it usually costs many thousands of dollars to get a non-Ukrainian equivalent lens of this type.

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