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Image Description: Grasshoppers are a common insect - so common that nearly anyone seeing this photograph will be able to instantly identify it - and this close-up look at one makes for interesting viewing. Each part of the grasshopper’s body is visible, with its thin, but stout legs holding it gently atop a leaf, while its eyes likely scanning for potential food. Perhaps most striking is the grasshopper’s deep green color, a feature that allows it to blend it almost entirely with its typically matching surroundings. That fact is evidenced clearly in this picture, with the grasshopper’s color matching the background so closely that it’s almost difficult to see.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: grasshopper, grass, green, insect, nature, jump, jumper, invisible, leaves, deep green, matching, wild, insects, close-up, macro, leaf, blend, green color, survival, disguise, antennae, pinchers, species, noises, forewings, grasses, omnivorous, plants, camouflage, hopping

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