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Image Description: There is no living thing as tenacious as simple grass, and this photograph of a patch of the stuff breaking up through a concrete curb proves this point beyond any doubt. Against a backdrop of stern grey, familiarly found on streets, sidewalks, and other outdoor structures around the world, a large tuft of grass has found a crack just big enough to squeeze through, proving just how well it is able to find a niche and thrive within it - something we should all aim to do in every aspect of our lives. Who’d have ever guessed that even the simplest and smallest of weeds could teach us something so profound about life and business?

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: grass, green, plant, garden, cityscape, asphalt, border, survival, strong, wildlife, adaptation, urban lifestyle, strength, nature, symbol , breaking through, break through, struggle, survive, life, livestock, weed, pavement, tenacious, yellowish, greenish, city nature, sidewalk, creep, patch, concrete, tuft, aim, thrive, startup, aspiration, aspire

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