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Butterfly on rocks - Free downloadable image

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Image Description: This scene is a lesson in contrasts of both color and substance. Dominating the frame is a large, dark, and almost forbidding outcropping of rock. In the background, though, a lush green forested area sets a gentler tone in comparison to the rocks above, with one spreading tree, in particular, showing its stuff. Finally, a good, focused look at the rock will reveal a beautiful butterfly as it sets it softness and sheer fragility against the hard - and most likely wonderfully warm - stone. The butterfly’s wings are spread, giving the impression that it is just a moment away from lifting off into the sky, but there is also a possibility that they remain open simply to soak in the life-giving sunlight flooding down from above.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: butterfly, rock, stone, nature, beauty, wild, wildlife, fly, progress, development, tender, success, life, career, woman, obstacles, aim

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