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Audi A8

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Image Description: This sleek, black Audi A8 is a classy example of professionalism and style. The first generation A8 was released in 1994 by the German automobile maker Audi; it's now in its third generation. The A8 is a four door, luxury, full size sedan with either front wheel or permanent all-wheel drive, and comes in long or short wheelbases. It has an aluminum frame construction, making it the lightest full size sedan in its class, weighing in between 2000 and 2165 lbs. This gives the A8 the title of “best in class” for fuel economy! There are a few different models of A8 and maximum speed is between 210 km/h and 250 km/h. In 2001, Audi sold 11,708 A8 vehicles. This total tripled in 2011 with 38,542 A8 cars being sold in the United States alone.

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