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Audi R8 in trade center

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Image Description: This sleek black Audi R8 sports car looks fast even when it's standing still! Auto Car Magazine felt that too when they voted it the fastest car in the world in 2007, and in 2008 Playboy voted it Car of the Year! The Audi R8 is manufactured by Quattro GmbH, they are a subsidiary company of Audi AG and they use their trademarked permanent all wheel drive system. This awesome car is assembled in Germany and boasts three styles to choose from; a V8 or V10 coupe, along with a convertible option called the V10 Spyder. The R8 has a 6 speed manual engine, 104.3” wheelbase, and weighs in between 3439 lbs and 3583 lbs, depending on the chosen style.

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