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Traffic on a french road - Free art photo

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Image Description: traffic jam on one of the Paris streets. Gridlock is gridlock, no matter where in the world you travel, so this example of the same in Paris, France is sure to be something of a familiar sight for you. Cars, trucks, and buses line up and down this city street, with motorcycles fitting in where they can; while we can’t get a sense of sound from a mere photograph, it’s certainly easy to imagine horns honking and people yelling in the midst of it all. While chaotic, the tall green trees that border the street on either side, along with the monstrously tall apartment house to the left, add an unexpected beauty to the scene.

Image category: Cars (Automobiles, Motor, Auto Service, Driving)

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Tags: traffic, france, paris, road, street, rush hour, bottleneck, bus, cars, motorcyclist, scooter, green light, traffic lights, cityscape, city life, buzzy, noise, noisy, lory, evacuator, tow truck

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