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The City Metro Station - Free photo download

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Image Description: Giving us a glorious view of a section of old France, this photograph focuses on the large sign overhanging the entrance to a city subway station, call the Metropolitain. Beyond the interesting wrought iron work that holds and adorns the sign and adjacent lights, the eyes are drawn to the massive building in the background, a historic property that offers up a bit of the modern in the graffiti found on its roof. All in all, we’re given a wonderful view of France and its wide array of visual offerings, even in its transportation infrastructure, along with a reminder that graffiti art, for better or for worse, can be found just about anywhere!

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Tags: urban, travel, city, metro, transport, commute, architecture, vintage, underground, sightseeing, traveling, moving around, France, Paris, subway, public transpost, interesting, iron work , Metropolitain, subway station, entrance, signs, street lights, massive building, historic, property, art, infrastructure, roof, graffiti , street art, modern

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