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Image Description: This is a puzzle with a cartoon octopus on blue ocean background depicted in it. Undoubtedly, this puzzle is counted on children because the ocean and the octopus are like those in cartoons. One element of the puzzle is missing. You know, everything in this life has a certain meaning. And if an element is missing it means that the author wanted to draw spectacularsТ attention to this fact. The picture is not full without the element and it needs to be found in any way. Though you can guess what is going to be on that puzzle piece you can still become surprised by reality.

Image category: Business and Edu (Education, Personal and Professional Development, Career)

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Tags: drawing, puzzle, octopus, ocean, sea, cartoon, toy, element, problem, mosaic, jigsaw, game, strategy, complication, ullage, shortfall, deficiency, deficit, lack, resource, finance, underperformance, incomplete, failure, underachievement

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