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Merry-go-round Night Photography - Free downloadable image

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Image Description: A brightly lit merry-go-round is always great fun for kids of any age! This carousel has seats for people to to sit in while enjoying the ride, and, with this style of merry-go-round, the swing seats will flare out as the ride turns around, providing an extra thrill. Typically carousels are fitted with horses that the rider will sit on top of, with each horse weighing about 100lbs each. These horses are geared to go up and down in order to imitate galloping. While carousels are usually fitted with horses, they can also be mounted with dragons, unicorns, tigers, zebras, pigs, sea monsters, or even modern concepts like airplanes and cars, so long as they have seat belts for the younger riders.

Image category: Entertainment (Fun, Humor, Gaming, Offbeat, Arts)

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