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Image Description: This is the picture of two hands holding each other. The image is pretty distinct to understand that the hands belong to a woman and man. They are holding each other by the wrists. By the way, the remarkable detail is that the female hand is placed in and on the maleТs one. The image is touchy as manТs hand looks caring and gently holding slim femaleТs hand. Some especially deep personalities are able to see more than the tangle of two hands. Taking a closer look at the way he is holding her hand one can say that he can protect her from many troubles in their life and never let her go come what may.

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Tags: cooperation, gesture, hands, link, bunch, help, support, give a hand, pull out, insurance, belay, safety, approval, teamwork, protection, mutual aid, volunteering, collaboration, partnership, charity, connection, relationships, gender, equality, parity

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