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Calculator keys close-up - Free art image

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Image Description: Instantly serving to bring to mind mathematics in general, and accounting in particular, this close-up photograph of a calculator is one that will be intimately familiar to each of us. Even if you don’t regularly use a calculator today, or you use a modern app to achieve the same results, they’re still prevalent in schools where students need to quickly crunch numbers without the distraction of a smartphone. This photo focuses specifically on the 7, 8, and 8 buttons, with the 5 button faded interestingly in the foreground. Whether or not this view was significant to the photographer, it may hold some special significance for your or your content.

Image category: Finance and Law (Saving, Personal finance, Economic news)

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Tags: calculator, count, calorie, accounting, count calories, diet, account, button, math, number, money, bill, pay, numbers, seven, eight, nine, phone, dial, grey, list, to-do list, keys, type, strategy, estimate, evaluate

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