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Blood pressure monitoring - Royalty free image

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Image Description: The tool attached to the wrist in this picture is a medical aid called a tonometer, a machine capable of quickly measuring a patient’s blood pressure and rate of pulse, either in the moment, or continuously over long periods of time, if required. In this case, the patient in question has a relatively healthy reading, with a blood pressure of 118 over 78, though the rate of pulse clocking it at 118 heartbeats per minute is quite high, indicitive of either a moment of excitement, or potentially a serious health problem. In any case, it is the tonometer that is able to act as the first line of defense against the many diseases associated with unnatural blood pressure and pulse rate readings, helping to give those suffering from dangerous conditions a heads up that could possibly save their very lives.

Image category: Health and Beauty (Fitness, Weight Loss, Skincare, Well-Being, Medication)

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