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Image Description: Two hands doing a classic timeout motion without having to yell it out. It is easy to believe that humans have evolved beyond talking and now participate in many non-verbal forms of communication. Hand gestures or hand signals are a very effective way to get across what you're talking about. In the case where a timeout gesture is needed, like the one in the photograph, there is a very good chance that the referee would have a whistle in his mouth at the same time that he is calling a timeout. He would blow sharply into the whistle while holding his hands up in the air, one hand would be straight up and down and the other would lay down horizontal across the fingertips.

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Tags: time out, break, rest, timeout, judge, team, game, tournament, match-game, play, pause, interval, gesture, stop, think, time-out, gesticulation, non-verbal, communication, gestural expression, eloquence, sign language, expressive, communicate, message, sports

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