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Sunrise in a desert - Royalty free photo

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Image Description: Beautiful sunrise is painting sleepy desert in red colours. The long shadows of a desert sunset are on display in this picture. You can see the mountains in the background holding the shadows against it's sides. The sprigs of the desert bushes popping up here and there are fully in the shadows of the setting sun. In the western deserts, shrubs are one of the main features of the ecosystem, and numerous animals live and shelter in these shrubs; they also provide and excellent food source for the birds. These and other shrubs will often put on amazing shows of colorful flower displays in the spring and fall months as they try to attract insects and birds to help pollinate their new crop. The shrubs are drought tolerant when established and they do the critical job of stabilizing the soil to prevent erosion.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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