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Image Description: One of the most common tree rodents on Earth, most everyone has had an encounter with a squirrel, most likely in the garden, or in the backyard beneath your favorite tree. This young squirrel is standing up on its hind legs as it gazes out over the grass, keeping an eye out for potential food, even while ensuring that no predators are in the vicinity. Behind the small animal is a line of plastic trellis, set up in such a way that it appears to be fronting the step of a terrace. In any event, you can be sure that the squirrel has food hidden someone on the property!

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Tags: squirrel, hide, green, grass, wildlife, wild, wild life, park, wood, forest, nuts, fur, curiosity, curious, rodents, garden, walk, backyard, hindrance, food, watch out, inspect, plastic, trellis, terrace, urban landscape, ground squirrels, slender, bushy , silky, hungry, habitat, city nature

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