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Image Description: Modern skyscrapers are the wonderful decoration of modern cities and the perfect solution for the problem of overcrowding in them. The depicted skyscraper is the bright representative of modern urban architecture. It rockets high in the sky as if reaching the sun. Its walls are made of glass and a plethora of floors suggests a huge number of offices and office workers inside. The silver-like colors are another trend of modern fashion craze. Renting an office in such a gorgeous business center is good for image. Thus, there is no wonder that respectable companies, firms and even big corporations take care of renting the entire levels in the skyscrapers of the like.

Image category: Home Improvement (Architecture, construction, interior design, plumbing, etc)

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Tags: skyscraper, building, glass, beton, cityscape, office, tower, height, edifice, administration, business, corporation, company, work

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