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Image Description: Is the greenery threatening to overtake the desert, or vice versa? This photograph gives us a look at a long stretch of semi-barren landscape that leads gradually to a range of humble mountains, perhaps taken in the American midwest. Besides being nearly desolate of life, what plants are growing from the dry dust at their roots are pale and spindly, showing the negative effects of attempting to sustain healthy life in an environment that is short on the tools necessary to do so. Lifeless or not, the scene is a beautiful one, reminding us of the pure, bare majesty of the Earth’s geological processes.

Image category: Green (Sustainability, Environmental issues, Nature etc)

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Tags: prairie, semidesert, loneliness, remote, asceticism, frugal, desolate, lonely, shortgrass, mixed grass, desert, natural, ecologists, climates, moderate, dry, rainfall, draughts, grasses, shrubs, vegetation, Lands, North America, sights, ecosystem, dry up, thirsty, precipitation, landscape , mountains, barren, midwest, american, roots, survival, lack

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